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Martin - Ruby RED: Enjoying the peace and feelings of calmness

A few days prior to my purchase of the Medic Ruby, I felt a strong restlessness in my legs. That kind of nervousness when you cannot sit at one place without moving. Every minute I had to change my position, shift restlessly, cross my legs, etc. A certain role in this definitely played some kind of muscle tension caused by my long distance running, which I had intensively devoted myself to recently, but also many hours spent on a computer and a mobile phone every day.

Because I´m a big fan of Somavedic, I have had a few of the models at home for quite a while, including the Medic Green Ultra, the Amber, and I was curious how I would perceive the Ruby. How will the proclaimed harmonization of chakras, mainly the heart chakra, make me feel.

I plugged the device in and after a couple of minutes I started feeling this interesting peace, emptiness and calm spreading throughout my body. The restlessness in my legs suddenly disappeared and I realized I had been sitting in an armchair for half an hour without a single movement. And I was unusually enjoying the state. It was such a nice feeling like you experience after a great meditation. It couldn´t be unnoticed...

That wasn´t the end to my introduction to the Ruby. At 11 p.m., I went out to walk our dog and I suddenly heard a cock crowing. He crowed every 15 seconds again and again. I had never heard a cock crow at night before. It was an unbelievable, even a dreamlike feeling and I thought to myself "doesn´t ´by any chance´ the small red device inside our home play any role in it?". At that moment, I realized that when I was in the Amazon a few years back, attending shamanic rituals with Ayahuasca, in inconvenient states of fear and inner cleansing, I could often hear a dog bark. And vice versa, in blissful states of oneness, love, security and aha moments, I heard cocks crow.

It dawned on me that the cocks weren´t outside there but they were happily crowing inside my head just like in the jungle in the altered state of consciousness. An amazing experience, amazing state! I didn´t have to travel thousands of miles to harmonize my heart chakra and alter my consciousness, I experienced that at home.

Thank you Ruby...


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